Water-Density Calculator

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temperature [°C] or [°C]
Conductance at  
actuel temperature
Conductance at 20° Conductance at 25°
Density g/cm3  water depth m 
Density in depth Temp.at max.Density
How to use: ( Inputs with leading zero are interpreted as octal numbers!)
Change numbers and click on question mark.
temperature [°C]; electrical conductivity [µmhos/cm]. precision of density: 6 digits
Conductances are linked: a click on Cond20 calculates Cond25 etc. (i.e. without density)
A click on temperature calculates the invers-function with a gap between 3.87 und 4.1 deg.

Suspended particles are not included. Valid in freshwater only!

(database: water of lake Constance, CRC-Handbook)  some formula by Chen L&O 1986